A helpful hint for the morning of

What happens the morning of your wedding? Everything! 

However, for you, it is time to soak up your surroundings, celebrate the special people in your life and enjoy the pampering. The planning has been done and you can relax by being assured you have the experts in their field to make your day perfect. Here are my suggestions: 

Bouquets hand delivered by me, Exclusive Wedding Flowers 

Evalyn Parson on hair 

Jennifer Oliphant photography 

A 1965 Rolls Royce by Birti the Bentley


All you need to do on the day: 

Eat breakfast/brunch (good idea before champagne!) 

Charge your phone 

Make extra time in your schedule to allow for the unexpected 

Don’t try and set up the ceremony or reception, instead enjoy the pampering, this is all about you!